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Bluegrass Series


Award-winning professional pickers and harmony singers. Grammy-nominated groups and Bluegrass virtuosos. These are just a few of the toe-tapping showstoppers that make up our Bluegrass Series. Each must-see performance pays homage to bluegrass music’s deep roots with a modern flair.


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Bluegrass Spartanburg, an entity of Spartanburg Philharmonic, was established in 2015 by a small group of bluegrass fans living in our town. Their goal was to bring nationally recognized and award-winning bluegrass entertainment to our community. Today, Bluegrass Spartanburg welcomes a variety of bluegrass bands that span from traditional to contemporary, bringing their down-home roots mixed with rock-infused jams for all to enjoy.

When you give to Bluegrass Spartanburg, you are growing the vibrancy of music in the Upstate and helping to underwrite the expense of bringing this series to Spartanburg.

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Bluegrass Committee Members

Kristin Scott Benson
Kathryn Boucher, Executive Director
Walker Copley
Ray Dunleavy
Peter Grzan
Courtney Oliver, Marketing & Special Events Manager
Ben Burke Howell
Peter Kay, General Manager
Chris Kennedy
Chris Strickland, Chair


rave reviews for bluegrass spartanburg

We had a wonderful time at the Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg. We could not have been treated any nicer, and as far as venues go, it’s about as pretty of a place as we ever get to play. The hospitality, the crew, the crowd, and the warm energy made a memorable night for sure.
— Darren Nicholson, Balsam Range
Spartanburg! We felt the love! We had a very fun, music-loving crowd. The venue supplied top-tier hospitality. We’d definitely recommend this bluegrass music series to any fan or artist!
— Della Mae
From a performer’s perspective, it’s been a privilege to sit with the organizers of Bluegrass Spartanburg. This is exactly the type of organization that every city needs to ensure a healthy arts scene. Any type of roots genre benefits from committed citizens, who are passionate about the music and want to share it with their community. With the revitalization of downtown Spartanburg and the thriving Upstate, in general, it’s only appropriate that the arts are nurtured. These folks are successful business people, who are applying their skills to bringing quality bluegrass music to Spartanburg, in a well-organized and thoughtful way. I admire the purity of their motives and wish there were more organizations like this one. A vibrant music scene makes Spartanburg a better place to live.
— Kristin Scott Benson, The Grascals
We are very excited about expanding our genres of music and bringing high-quality live music to our community.
— Kathryn Boucher, Executive Director of the Spartanburg Philharmonic
From the moment we arrived at the venue until we shook hands with the last fan at the CD table, the show for Bluegrass Spartanburg was a wonderful experience. The Chapman Center was a phenomenal performance space and the professionalism of the crew was outstanding. The arts are alive and well in Spartanburg thanks to the great folks at the Spartanburg Philharmonic! We hope to be able to come back and perform there for years to come!
— Joel Landsberg, The Kruger Brothers