Concert Attire

Espresso Series

Our Espresso concerts are a little different than our Classics series. Rather than a prescribed (formal) dress code, concert attire is either discussed at the first rehearsal or via email prior to the first rehearsal (depending on the schedule). Most often, men wear solid-colored, button-down shirts (not matching) with dark pants, and women wear something comparable. However, each show is unique, and the musicians work together with the Artistic Director to create a suitable mood/atmosphere.

There are, of course, a few practical restrictions (below), but for the most part, musicians are encouraged to bring their personalities to the fore!

Restrictions (most concerts):

  • NO tuxedos/white tie & tails

  • NO concert black

  • NO formal, stuffy nonsense - these concerts are supposed to be fun!

Restrictions (all concerts):

  • No sandals, sneakers or other informal footwear, no open toe shoes or sandals.

  • No flashy jewelry (metal jewelry is particularly distracting due to stage lighting).

  • No alarm/beeper watches, cell phones or pagers; all cell phone ringers and alarms on watches and will be turned off during rehearsals and concerts.

  • PLEASE refrain from the use of perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, hairsprays or other heavily scented products in order that neighboring Musicians may play in comfort, and without allergic reactions.