Review: 90th Season Celebration Concert

by Madison Cooksey


The Spartanburg Philharmonic had a lively 90th birthday celebration. The event consisted of five pieces that were all written over ninety years ago. All of the pieces were enjoyed by the audience and left them wanting to hear more. The five pieces were not only beautiful but were played with a lot of passion. Along with the exceptional orchestra, the new conductor Stefan Sanders portrayed his love of music through his movements and emotions. For example, when the songs were quiet, he was crouched down exaggerating what he was trying to portray to the audience. Mr. Sanders was also very outgoing and cracking jokes as he was talking to the audience.

            The talented musicians were also very exaggerated in their movements, as you could tell they were ecstatic to be there performing. The orchestra members would sway back and forth so you could tell that they were enjoying the beautiful music that they were creating.

            My favorite pieces from the show were Rhapsody in Blue and Boléro. I enjoyed Rhapsody in Blue because I thought that the pianist was amazing. It was so neat to see that he had memorized a sixteen-minute song and had many different techniques like having his hands crossed over one another. I enjoyed Boléro because I thought that it was cool how the instruments were played in alternative ways. For example, the violins playing their instruments like a ukulele. I also enjoyed how as the song went on, it gradually got louder, and how the snare drum played the same rhythm over and over again throughout the whole piece.

            After the main concert everyone gathered for a 90th birthday celebration reception. We celebrated with cake and were able to meet Mr. Sanders along with the rest of the orchestra. I would like to thank them for this experience that was incredibly beautiful.


Madison is a student at McCracken Middle School and plays violin in the orchestra under the direction of March Moody.

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